Beyond Words Proofreading

Beyond Words Proofreading is a 30-year-old mother-daughter service. We have seven dedicated editorial proofreaders with a combined 60 years of experience. We specialize in textbooks in all fields, including but not limited to medicine, science, information technology, language, film/video, law, mathematics, religion/spirituality, education, psychology/psychiatry, and literature. We are respected for the quality of our proofreading and for our ability to keep up with the important but often difficult deadlines of our field.

"It is my privilege to recommend Pam Andrada to anyone seeking the services of an excellent proofreader. Phyllis Coyne et al. was a mainstay for my business in the many years I operated Hockett Editorial Service, and has remained a trusted colleague and friend to this day. When placing projects with Pam's service, I could count on their coming in on time, superbly executed, and accompanied by good cheer and a constant willingness to cooperate and get things done. I cannot recommend her highly enough."

"Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, On Time"

Rachel Hockett, Director at Rachel Hockett

Beyond Words offers the full range of editorial proofreading services:

  • Online proofreading with Adobe Acrobat Pro and Microsoft Word
  • Cold reads/sense reads
  • Word-for-word manuscript reads
  • Hard editorial reads
  • QC/Design and spec checks

We are respected for the quality and consistent excellence of our work and our ability to meet
crucial deadlines.